As a nutrition therapist, I strive to help my clients develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. People come to me with various nutrition-related needs. Some have tried many diets, have eating disorders, or are otherwise confused and overwhelmed about how to eat. Others simply need help sorting out nutrition fact from fiction or want sound nutrition guidance for a specific health need.

I am trained to help my clients develop a strategy for eating that addresses their unique needs. Rather than merely prescribing a diet, I consider such things as an individual's lifestyle, personal tastes, health goals, food skills, stage of life and how emotions may influence their eating. Taking this comprehensive approach, I collaborate with my clients and any others on their health care team to develop a way to eat that works.

Through the thoughtful use of nutrition science and a sensitive discernment of each person's needs, I help my clients discover the best way to fuel their bodies and enjoy eating.